B.J. Plastic Boxes

A B.J. Plastic "BOX" shows your products better which helps sell your products better and faster.

What's Included

Made in the USAA better package can increase your sales, reduce your packaging costs, reduce product damage, has direct customer appeal and a new product look.

In today's global marketplace your products need to attract potential customers with quality, at a competitive price, the right package, which especially now means a "reusable" rigid plastic box.

With over 130 stock sizes we are confident that you will find the correct size to fit your needs if not, let us help you develop a package that is right for you and for your customers.

Expect More

BJ Plastic BoxA "reusable" and "recyclable" plastic box will protect and enhance your products and give the consumer a "reusable container" once the product has been used, which is something that a "blister" or "clam shell" generally will not do.

Skill Level

sample imageWe have over FIFTY-FOUR years of experience in molding rigid plastic boxes and containers which are manufactured within our own facilities in the United States of America since 1968.

Unique Packaging

BJ Slide TopCreate your own package with a variety of stock colors, custom imprinting, including the "sharpness" of pad printing which enables the box to be printed with a UPC Bar Code.


BJ 228 Crystal BlueYour die cut information cards can be extended thru the back of the box between the "hinges". This enables your products to be displayed on a rack while eliminating the added cost of "blister" packaging.

Designed ~ Created Manufactured ~ Decorated

BJ Plastic Crystal Boxes

BJ 111 Two Toned Box BJ Plastic Living Hinge Box

In the United States of America

B.J. Plastic Molding

ISO 9001-2015 Certified


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