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Plastic boxes that are non-hinged with slide top covers.

Box number, dimensional info, and packing information can be found in the table below for our friction fit boxes.

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BJ Plastic Friction Fit  Box #30
Box No. 30

Inside Dimensions 2-1/16" x 1-5/8" x 3/8"
Packed Covers-Bulk 1000 per carton, Bases-Bulk 1000 per carton

Online Product Catalog:

This page will show you a variety of friction fit plastic boxes in different sizes and styles.

B.J. Plastic Molding offers plastic packaging boxes including HINGED, NON-HINGED, LIVING HINGE, FRICTION FIT and ROUND styles

With over 130 stock sizes we are confident that you will find the correct size to fit your needs. If a standard size is not available for your requirements, let us help you develop a package to your specifications.

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